DIET Purulia Campus Mission could be briefly stated as followings –

1.Strategies may be formed towards the 100% attendance of the students as per direction of Right to Educational Act
2.Implementation of NCF-2005 and NCF-2009
3.Training Strategies should be made for quality education in the classrooms situation without any discrimination
4.Implementation of Child Protection Act
5.Quality improvement of the teachers improvement of the system
6.Assesment /Evalution
7.Action Plan and programme for acquiring skills to improve economic status and general well being from the point of view carrier counseling and guidance for students should be given
8.Action Research & Project Works on quality education should be taken according to the need of the society & present education system.
9.Project & becoming awareness population programme an essential values like national integration women’s equality, conservation of environment, abuse of drug care of respect to the elders
10.To strive towards excellence in all spheres of individual and collective activity for higher levels of achievement.
11.A child cantered and activity based process of learning should be adopted
12.Pans should be made for promotion of education of the following groups:
i) SC/ST
ii) Girls & Women
iii) Minorities
iv) The educationally disadvantages groups line working children, seem child etc.
v) Physically disadvantaged child